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Cops come & they take you to jail
Oh go outside you dont know where
Smoking to the watches when you ruined my mood
It’s a long way back home

Trying to instantate on the Highway
It doesn’t really matter if it matters or not
Owh I keep trying till the end of the day
& I’m wondering if its ever really gonna stop

I said Owh You know I reallly don't know
And I don't care about the portabile phones
So I’ve been thinking about packing up all my shit off the floor

Let’s go Yea Yea We try to hide
Every weekend Sunday-Monday It don't feel right

Now it seems to me Life is kinda better when I dream
When I’m thrust in the in between before I found you
Now you cum at night and we have fun until it’s bright
Then I wake up and call to mind the first time I saw you

With you necklace on Rock N Roll T-shirt on
Where the wild things are forward facing the hall
And your blue jeans all washed up faded and raw
While I was left wide eyed feeling two foot small

This jump rompe hope I just cant do
Staring from a far I must seem bizzarre
And you don’t know
Well I've faced this indicision before

Seems to me we’re not the same
For what it’s worth
It was fucking worth it anyway
Oh yea Well E’mon & Let’s go Right!

Theres a man in a tie & he wants you to die
A savage with spears is threatning so clearly
But dont you don’t go numb you shoot straight for the go
So you’d better be worried they’re comming you way

Gotta realize that no ones afraind
See the man & the bad guy fight right way
Fire it upits going to go down
Well you look up all scorched and its all going wrong
That’s all I see when I climb up that tree
I die like you and you die like me Let’s go!

A minor threat will go
Back to the fighting
Yea I think I’ll be fine
See it’s not too cookoo right
But I’ll find the light
If I crash against the shore

Roller coaster rides come to mind
As we float through the air
Past the pines
Trippe skies Rolling seas

Groovie waves
Give rise & coverage
To nuclear space
But for what it’s worth

Supervineient waves collide & gives rise to a process called man
Man decays resumes the eather of the ongoing plan to seed

All the times that I can say
Grab a wrist and you pulled away
It didn’t mean much It didn’t mean a lot
But I can see it’s fucking gone now

I’ll make a point to restore all that we passed on
They’re trying to tell you something
And what it is I don’t know
So I pack up my responsibilities right through the door Alright

So i write her these
Stupid melodies
Majors & minor fifths
Triads lacking rhytmic jist

All for the gril i miss
Augmented deminished Thirds
Triads lacking rhythmic verse
Head me loud and clear
Cuz soon I’ll disappear

Play it faster Play it faster
Play it faster Play it faster

We're all standing on the Edge
And no one knows we peaked
No one will come again so Fake
Lying side to side shoot them to the right

Sew me up today cuz I may just break
Everywhere I go
Later on we know
Why the sick & fighing poor

Hey money from the poor
Going to the war All up on the ramp
Sound off its escape Pray that it’s alright
Super hereo night

When everyone
Starts dying go the other way
When you laught
I'll smile away

Strike me down to the backbeat
Never storm on the heroes with your vibe keep
Starying down ya killer in ya green armadillaz
Ulimate peace tax Treets in my shoes

Got a wif of the Blues
Gotta be stylin in the eyes of whoever will decide
In your flick flock down to the really Ghetto
We'll i dig your style but you'd better not go

So I called you on the phone
They said you were’nt phone
Must have dialed it wrong
Or maybe you’re long gone

Yea my feet can’t feel to step
As my boot heels slowly reject
Notions of War & You

Well we’re all stuck in a
Framgent lost to Time
To those who might recall
It’s all for sure not Real

Some soar Some fly
Some drink & others just get Why

Owh I miss the way the world looks when you rev up and go
Ooo From its tender grips on the neves that control

Everything about Love is Real
I know she isn’t really here
But I can admit to the possiililty
When I drop some Acid I feel oh so Free

My mind might not understand all the reasons why
Owh don’t ask questions whose asnwers you wanna find

Cuz when I came awake
Emminate to all the Void
Not just to shine But towards mankind

Theres no reprise No second change
No second comming of Christ

There will be lore
Of Life forelorn
Ecludiate the next Emotion left on fire
Irradicate diesire

No morally will it do
To fight for what is wrong
As the bass drunm Pounds away at our
Souls as we glow & tear back
Yea right!

Theres a place where we all try & undertand the Time
It passed by & left us wondering why we should have to Die
All lazy left to do all the things you wanted to
But its no more cuz were all fucking Dead

In the future now We’re just waiting
For that fragment to Radiatie its anomoly
And soon we’ll all be crossing there when shooting DMT
From the base of our spine goes up into my brain our mind

We'll never see the World again
We’ll fucking live forever

Thats all he said as his head explodes
With the sounds of gunshots in the night
There is a fucking War around
It’s all been told & so it goes

To all I have realized
Guess it yourself Here’s the thing
Rolling the dice I gave up
It didn’t mean much

I don’t mind fighting for what’s right
Its dying for the wrong cause

It really splits my mind
And makes me feel outta synch
When I go into the bathroom
I throw up in the sink

When I’m without you I feel blue
And when you’re with me life’s got Groove
You’re so cozy safe and warm
You’re my Radiatillum

And no it’s not really the booze
Its the state & attitude
With which we choose to live
And end one life

I shake the wrong tree & I move the wrong leaf
I go by myself & notice I’m mean
To them I’m around To all is a clown
Well i can go back & you can go down

Why are they pissed to all but dismissed
When I can realize Life’s not like this
Its easy my friends hey're not like that
I know we can try but you see

We know in fact that all our moments upset
Were at the smallest of regrets
Though I choose to go on believing in the
Mighty given right for one nother fucking try

True I believed in Society
But all that’s past & I'm still sitting last
If nothing’s wrong Man I can't tell at all
Somehow? It’s all our fault

Flying cocktails of gasoline
Well we could bring down the Machine
It don’t stand a fucking change
With one fist in the air

Bombs exploding Raging everywhere
Well take back what belongs to us

They take away our freedoms
Tax away our money till we Die
It aint fucking right They told us what to do
Then send us to a prison cell

It drains sometimes but I stuck in the shot
Somehow it’s all my fault
You will be mine He said
Just not all the time Owh No

Rain wash away the pain
Blue sky screw you for today
This ending won’t do
Express the irony
I heard you…And I say…

So we trashed our of notions of Libertiy
Dialect of Democracy engrained

To my all friends
Are you around to do all the things you wanted too
Cuz I am not I’m stuck alone
In this place down here in the South

Wondering how everything turned brown
Left out here for Dead
Still I Love You
Your my very best friend I've found out
Here’s your flower girl

Cuz I need you more than anyone could
I know you don’t need me no more
So I'll just pack up my suitcase
Fill it with the woes of my mistakes
Grow a little bitter

Time after Time
These reels of rhyme keep flashing
Bye Last Had Photograph
Whatever let’s dance Yee-Haw!
Alright C’mon

Count down to the End of the World
It’s a lesson we learned before
I don’t care by will or might yea
I’ll be left alive If it don't seem right besides
Death probably wont bring an End to anything with it

Nobody wants to posion the food you’re serving
Throw it in the trash Lets drink to festive ruin
Yea you might think it’s all
Old Fashioned starting to wake

Going to Hell
Never to return
I’m going out easy way
Darlin’ pass on the word

Real nice
The last 2 shots rang made me realize
No way you comming back
Starting to Fizzle as I roll on my back

My nigga attitude got me in problems with the gat
3 point blank but i never shot him back
Throw down to the miniature quest love
Running from the cops was my oldest offense Love

God is not a man
He’s just a Force without a plan
No grand design No Love in mind
Just Energy flowing through Time
Its something cold for some its sad
For us its Rad How about you

We’re not alone
All we have is all we need
In this blue World
There’s something neat
Someone to Love
A book to Read
Make us Weep

Visualize the Cosmic Space around us
There’s no Destiny whose hand will guide us

We are our Blueprint
Action serves as ink
We are a Machine
Gears spinning so clean

We are bi-products of Energy wasted

Woahoh Woahoh Woahowloh

I sink every night
War is not where brutues bake
Marmalade cakes out to dine
Every time i think of you
Never knew I dont wanna try my luck
It was to my surprise

Woah woah Woahowloh


from Radiatillum LP, released November 6, 2017


all rights reserved



Artisteo Brownsville, Texas

Artisteo is an independent artist from South Texas involved in the Rio Grande Valley music scene and Upstate New York indie scene since 2003. His debut solo album Radiatillum LP is a combination punk rock, psychedelic, indie, shoegaze, and hip hop plus a 22 minute Rock Opera. The album is a 70 minute journey across musical time and space with heart pounding drums and riff laden guitar interplay.. ... more

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