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Even if I could remember
All the things that we have said
Still I don’t think that it’d matter
You’d still go on being dead

It’s not as though I don’t remember
All the good that you have done
I don’t still think that it matters
You’re still going on & on

On & on until I’m gone
On & on past the beyond
Take it back

Tell me how to feel
I will analyze
If it’s not worth my time
I won’t even try at all

I can get behind
I can compromise
Cuz that’s just what I do
Whenever I feel blue

So I miss your smile
Shining in the rain
Stay here for a while
Tell me how was your day

For the time Here we go
Clining to All the World

Here is where I stand
Lonely lonesome man
Trying to receipt
All the things between us

Can’t recall a thing
Though I am not trying
Tell me are you safe
Or was I way too late

Here I stand alone
Sitting in my home
Staring at the phone
Wondering where you are

Cuz I don’t care anymore
And I don’t care at all

For the time Here we go
Clinging to All the World

Stuck in the future
Living in the past
Dreaming of Life
We knew couldn’t last forever

Trying to make it work out & be
Not unlike the lives on TV
Anna Aliright

Maybe I’m lazy
Perhaps I am a slob
Still I love your smile
Floating in the wind

Stay here just a while
And maybe we’ll pretend
Cuz yes I understand
That you’ll always be my friend

Still we trudge Forward on
Slowly made Progress shakes
All the World Rumbling

Stuck in the future
Livin’ the past
Dreaming of life we knew
Couldn’t last forever

Sonderous beings caged in a room
Aged by Life & feeling gloom
As it builds towards

Hello again my oldest friend
It’s been so long since we first met
I know it’s hard to understand
But in the End we’ll meet again
Anna Arghowhl

And I think It’s basically the same thing
That there’s More to Life
Than just This

It gives me Faith
That we’re More than a bunch of machines
Set to march throughout the World

Can you write her a letter Can you call her for me
Can you write her a letter Owh Can you call her for me
It’s not that I hate her I just want to be

Can you write her a letter Can you call her for me
It’s not that I hate her Owh I just want to be


from Radiatillum LP, released November 6, 2017
Music & Lyrics by Artisteo.


all rights reserved



Artisteo Brownsville, Texas

Artisteo is an independent artist from South Texas involved in the Rio Grande Valley music scene and Upstate New York indie scene since 2003. His debut solo album Radiatillum LP is a combination punk rock, psychedelic, indie, shoegaze, and hip hop plus a 22 minute Rock Opera. The album is a 70 minute journey across musical time and space with heart pounding drums and riff laden guitar interplay.. ... more

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